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The Philippines is a developing bingo market and a recently industrialized nation whose economy is shifting from being concentrated on agriculture to being centered on services and manufacturing. It is a founder member of the WTO, ASEAN, APEC conference, and EAS. The Philippines is an equatorial island nation that is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, making it vulnerable to typhoons and earthquakes. The nation is endowed with a wide range of natural resources and a high degree of biodiversity that is globally notable.

Early hominins may have lived in the Philippines as long as 709,000 years ago, according to fossil evidence. A limited number of bones discovered in Callao Cave may be those of Homo luzonensis, a previously unidentified species that lived between 50,000 and 67,000 years ago. The Tabon Caves in Palawan contain the earliest modern human bones discovered on the islands, with a U/Th dating of 47,000 11–10,000 years ago. The Tabon Man is most likely a Negrito, who were among the archipelago's early settlers and descended from the first people to migrate from Africa to the now-submerged landmasses of Sundaland and Sahul along the coast of southern Asia.

Around 2200 BC, the first Austronesians traveled from Taiwan to the Philippines and settled in northern Luzon and the Batanes Islands. From there, they quickly migrated southward to the rest of Southeast Asia's islands and the Philippines. The present Filipino ethnic groupings, which exhibit different levels of genetic mixing between Austronesian and Negrito groups, are the consequence of this population assimilating with the pre-existing Negritos.

Additionally, genetic indicators point to the potential for migration of South Asian, Papuan, and Austroasiatic populations. Jade artifacts from 2000 BC have been discovered, and the lingling-o jade objects manufactured in Luzon used raw materials imported from Taiwan. Four different socioeconomic groups had emerged among the archipelago's inhabitants by the year 1000 BC: hunter-gatherer tribes, warrior societies, highland plutocracies, and port principalities.

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